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11th June 2003

madrussian135:48pm: jesus jones, what a crazy few weeks it's been. this band thing is takin' off. jacob has never sounded better, mike is picking up on ben's energy and my penis is getting longer by the day. the new bumber stickers will be out this week. i'd like to publicly thank jen beard for all of her hard work and encouragement. thanks also to the other guys in the band for picking up their intensity. it's really paying off.

i would like to point out that jacob needs to call 1-800-9-with-it, he has A GAMBLING PROBLEM!!! if you could remind him of this at our shows, i'd appreciate it.

i'd also like to thank all of the idiots at the boat for pising their $$ away to me every week. my comic collection is getting respectable thanks to those morons....

Current Mood: peachy

1st May 2003

madrussian131:49am: long time coming
it's been a while since my slacker-ass wrote in this. i've been through a ton, both good and bad. my best friend recently passed away of lymphoma. he was 31 yrs. old and the best guy i've ever known.

the band is going through some evolution which i feel is making us better. we are giving away a 3 song e.p. at our next show. i want to express that i am not playing on any track but "inside your head" and that track needs some serious tune-up. i would also like to point out my disappointment involving the lack of patience in the production and craftsmanship on the other 2 tracks. both of which need major overhaul in all departments.

we are currently working on some new material and shaping up some of those tired tunes. i hope we can capture some of the energy and vibes of our live shows on our next e.p. and give you guys, the fans, something to look forward to and something to buzz about.


17th February 2003

madrussian138:20pm: i'd like to thank those who came out in the nasty weather to see us. i wanted to let everyone know i'm fighting hard to include some cowbell in our new songs which is especially trying considering i have yet to purchase a cowbell. if you would like to donate to the "bruce dickenson cowbell foundation" please contact me at your next conveiniance. remember, "shop smart. shop s-mart"
pimpinainteasy2:21pm: Thanks
I just wanted to thank everyone who came to the show at Tekworld on V-day.
I know there are things that I'd rather be doing on Valentines day than hangin out at an arcade.
It was also nice to see a few new faces like Tyler and friends at our show.

Have a good week.
Gotta finish packing.

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